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We, Sanyo Metal Industries Co., Ltd., are a specialist manufacturer of the intermediate steel product called drawn cold finished steel bars

We support the automobile and machine industries as a specialist manufacturer of high-quality, highly accurate "cold drawn finished steel bar".

We, Sanyo Metal Industries Co., Ltd., are a specialist manufacturer of "cold drawn finished steel bar", which is used in rack bars for automobile power steering, and LM guide rails and blocks for industrial machines.

What is the intermediate steel product “cold drawn finished steel bar”?

An "intermediate product" supplied as a material to the downstream
production processing industries after "drawing"
in line with the use of "steel rods", which are a primary steel product.

As per its name, "cold drawn finished steel bar" is an "intermediate steel processed product" in which the steel is drawn out through a die. Various special-shaped bars are produced, starting with circular and hexagonal shapes, through cold rolling.

The cold drawn finished steel bar is produced by being drawn out through a wide variety of die owned by Sanyo Metal Industries Co., Ltd. according to the sizes and shapes required by the client.
Subsequently, the product is shape-corrected, heat treated, cut, and inspected before being delivered to the client, to maintain the final product quality.

cold drawn finished steel bar is used in various fields.

Rack bars for power steering

Rails and blocks for LM guides

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"Quality" and "accuracy" required by drawn polished rod steel.

The quality and accuracy required of cold finished steel bar is not merely assuring the sectional dimensions and linearity. We control the “material characteristics inside the product” so that problems do not occur in downstream processes.

  • Controlling the internal stress within the cold finished steel bar reduces twists during processing.

    For example, in cold drawn finished steel bar for rack bar of power steering, bars may be twisted forwards or backwards when the manufacturer is lathing, hardening, or tempering.

    When backwards twisting is corrected, cracks may occur in the teeth, and so the product must be discarded as defective. Whether the twisting is forwards or backwards depends on the residual stress in the bar materials during the drawing process.

    We keep to consequently correct any twisting by considering the drawing process conditions.

  • We propose shaping and heat treatment that reduces decarbonation to make full use of the annealing effects.

    In LM guides, the block travels on a rail, and so it is necessary to greatly harden the surface to achieve rail durability.

    Consequently, the rails are often hardened, but the effects of hardening do not manifest and hardening is not obtained if decarbonation occurs. (i.e., the carbon in the surface of the rail steel is removed.)

    Decarbonation is affected by the heat treatment during the shaping and processing of the rail material drawing die, and so Sanyo Metal Industries Co., Ltd. has considered these processing conditions to preserve technology that suppresses decarbonation.

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We, Sanyo Metal Industries Co., Ltd., are a special manufacturer of the intermediate steel product called “cold drawn finished steel bar”.

As shown, the drawing process requires highly-accurate processing that considers not only the shape and dimensions, but also the materials characteristics.

Drawing is a niche technical field, and there are few specialists in universities and research institutions. The development of the actual technology depends greatly on our unique experiments, research, and know-how.

Sanyo Metal Industries Co., Ltd. continues to be involved in improving efficiency by reviewing the daily R&D, quality control activities, process designs, and production technology, to meet the high standards required by our customers.

The source of our energy is our “dedication” to quality and “responsibility” to our customers.

We challenge any and all shapes to meet the user's needs with high quality-controlled products.
Our "quest for quality" and "responsibility" continue to support the excellent manufacturing
of Sanyo Metal Industries Co., Ltd.

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