Production Process

Meeting diverse needs starting with large, special-shaped steel using highly technical skills and a full range of production systems.

In addition to the various processes for rod steel,
which is a primary steel product,
we also manufacture cold drawn finished steel bar as an intermediate product.

From standard (JIS) products to special, large, special-shaped cold finished steel bars, We respond flexibly even to diverse products and small production quantities to manufacture products that satisfy our customers by making full use of our abundant know-how.

From interview to determining specifications

Product quality control starts from the moment we
begin a dialog with the customer.

From QC process table creation to a mass production system

The product specifications desired by the customer are checked,
and the process designed. The delivery period and product costs, etc.,
are presented, and test products created based on the product specifications.

Heat treatment

Any residual stress inside the steel is removed,
and the structure homogenized.


Various special-shaped cold finished steel bars are produced,
starting with circular and hexagonal shapes, through cold rolling.


Using various correction devices further improves linear
accuracy of the product after drawing.


General cutting with tolerance of 1mm to precision cutting at the level of
0.2mm can be handled in accordance with the customer specifications.


From the materials acceptance inspection to the in-process inspections
and the product inspection,there is a system in place for implementing
various inspections based on the customer specifications.


After rigorously checking both quality and accuracy, the product is shipped
to the customer from one of the Sanyo Metal Industries Co.,Ltd. bases.